Each year First Church hosts holiday concerts by: CitySingers of Hartford

First Church Holiday Concerts

Saturday, December 16, 2017 and Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Circle of Joy!

Circle of Joy! celebrates a season in which people of many native origins and traditions connect to share a common message of peace through music. Throughout history, traditional carols and folksongs from many countries have been transformed into seasonal pieces in different genres and for different performing forces. Our program will link creative choral compositions and classics by the masters from a wide span of musical history to the carols and folksongs that inspired them. Examples of this will be heard in the French Canadian Huron Carol that is based on the French song Une Jeune Pucelle – or Handel’s Pastoral Symphony from Messiah, based on the Italian songs Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle and Quando Nascette Ninno. In addition, accompanying instruments will capture the native sound of the original carols and songs. Such an abundance of musical treasures is sure to please a wide range of ages, cultural backgrounds and musical tastes and a colorful array of native instruments, organ, harp, woodwinds, bells and percussion, choral ensemble and the voice of our audience will complete our Circle of Joy!

WH First Church ConcertsPlease visit their website at www.citysingers.org or contact by email at info@citysingers.org