There is no such thing as autumn again,
as if to announce a repeatable season!

It comes around, as promised, but each passing year
carries an entirely fresh “yes!” to a season brand new.

There is no recycling of colors or fast moving clouds;
no duplication of heaping pumpkins or harvesting hay.

These are moments of now: fireside aromas and apple tastes,
a chorus of geese and cool nights leading soon to cold.

“Behold, I do a new thing,” the Creative Spirit whispers –
a new thing, not the same-old disguised as new;

and not any such thing to pass unseeing, unheeding,
as if to take for granted the very heart of life itself.

“Do you not perceive it?” the Divine Wonder asks – wanting
to shout I’m sure, “do your eyes not see or your ears hear?”

Rest on this: that which is brand new and unrepeatable is now
and will pass in fullness, not ever to be seen exactly so again.

So – there is no such thing as autumn again, only autumn
brand new, autumn fresh, autumn first-time, autumn now!

Breathe it all in, and bask from the deep places of amazement!
And behold! Simply behold! God expects nothing less!