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Pastor’s Welcome, March 2022

When a pastor considers accepting a call at a new church, lots of questions go through their mind. Is this where God wants me? Will the church be a good fit? Will my skill sets meet the needs of the congregation? Are they willing to consider new ideas and embrace change? Are they genuinely interested in the church as active participation, or do they see church as a spectator sport? And my biggest question, do they laugh together? 


After interviewing with the search committee, I trusted that the answers to these questions would be “yes.” The members of the committee had immediately impressed me as thoughtful, faithful, and kind. They also had a refreshing sense of humor. By the end of our interviews, I called a colleague and said, “I think I have fallen in love with these people.” My colleague laughed and said, “Be careful. Just because the Search Committee is wonderful, it doesn’t mean the rest of the congregation is.” 


But guess what? You are. You are every bit as wonderful as the Search Committee let me think. I have fallen in love with all of you. 


In my first weeks, I have laughed with the knitting ladies, made plans with the staff, shared ideas and dreams with Reverend Amie. I have met with many of you, and we have engaged in long and introspective conversations.  I have begun to wrestle with a few big questions and take assessment of some of your immediate needs. 


I know that I am following remarkable and highly effective leaders. Your previous pastor, Geordie Campbell, was an exceptional pastor. Further, this church has a long history of activity as a social justice church and it is a church that says to the community, we are here and alive and serving God. 


Although the history of this church is both humbling and inspiring, the future is perhaps even more humbling and inspiring. You and I are called into ministry in an unprecedented time. We are faced with the task of both rebuilding and re-envisioning while at the same time, maintaining cherished pre-Covid traditions and ways of being. 


It is my observation that you have admirably met every change and setback from the pandemic with optimism, careful practices, and abiding faith. As your pastor, I want to encourage and empower you to continue to dream big. With God’s help, First Church will carry on bringing the Good News to a world desperately in need of good news. 


And we will do it together. 


Senior Pastor Rev. Jane Willan

Living in Spirit; Committed to Service; Open to All