Jane Cave

Jane Cave


Tidings March 2020 Issue

Hello! This is my story.

I feel fortunate that I have had two church homes. I was baptized, confirmed, and married in First Church of Christ in Unionville. Our three children were baptized and attended Sunday school there.

My earliest memories were of sitting in church and watching multicolored sunbeams streaming from the awesome stained-glass windows. When about 8 years old we were given a bible verse beginning with our initial. Mine was, “Judge not that ye be judged.” I often felt that God may have had a hand in that.

Our Senior High Fellowship’s advisor was a student from Hartford Seminary. He tried to help us understand who Jesus really was. He told us how when we try to feed or help birds, they are afraid and don’t understand that we are trying to help them. We are too big and scary—we don’t look like them. So it is with God. People were afraid of him because they could not relate. So, he created Jesus—a man in the flesh who could teach us about God.

In 1980 we moved from the area, first to Pittsfield MA, and then to Fairfax, Virginia. But, we had always said that we would move back home to Connecticut. My husband Bob grew up in West Hartford and attended preschool in this church. On our third date we attended Christmas Eve service here when we exited the church, through the front doors, it was snowing and Christmas trees were lighted. It is a fond memory for us.

Our first Sunday morning here was also Geordie’s first Sunday. Both Bob and I have been involved with our church. was on the Library Board, am co-chair of a great and fun group who serves at Loaves & Fishes, and now serve as a Deacon. For me, the best parts of this church are the people and fellowship. I love the many opportunities to really belong: sharing a meal with others at a Gather Around the Table, fellowship at coffee hour, working closely with others at Loaves & Fishes, attending workshops and discussion groups like Geordie’s Wisdom Years’, Library programs, and knitting group.

There is a great opportunity for spiritual development here. There is also energy here. I feel it in our worship services, and for me, especially in the music.

So I now can say that this is my second “Church Home,” and for me, I like to think of it as my “Forever Church Home.”