The John P. Webster Library is . . .

library main room

a diverse collection of over 12,000 resources for research, biblical exploration and understanding, leisure reading, missions, sermon and ministry preparation, faith formation, and spiritual growth

reading on the bench

a welcoming Children’s Library with books about God, families, nature, history, relationships, culture, and more

RDRC puppets

a strong collection of faith formation resources for both children and adults (formerly known as the Ruth Dudley Resource Center), book sets from past book group discussions, and much more 

FieldTripMosque 011

a community gathering place for lectures, movies, field trips, book discussions, and fellowship

Karla reading to the toddlers

open to all

Located beneath the First Church Meeting House, the JPWL is the go-to place for books and media related to sermons, Sunday School, social justice issues, and so much more!


Phone: 860-232-3893



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