Welcome to the Adult Choir!

The choir provides choral music to amplify the spiritual message of each Sunday morning worship service. Our repertoire includes sacred music of all musical styles (classical, gospel, folk, jazz, contemporary, as well as others). In addition to presenting musical offerings for worship services, the choir has occasionally performed major works in concert, including Fauré’s Requiem, Durufle’s Requiem, and Vierne’s Missa Solemne. The choir also performed Missa Gaia with Grammy Award Winning artists Paul Winter, Eugene Friesen, and Theresa Thomason.


The choir welcomes people of all skill levels and those who sing do not need to be members of the church, just people who love to sing to the best of their ability and have fun doing it! We are not holding in-person rehearsals presently, but would still love to have new singers join us. Contact Jim Boratko (jim.boratko@whfirstchurch.org) for more information.

Choir Selections

Agnus Dei (Winter’s Dream) – Paul Halley and Paul Winter

Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying – Mark Hayes – Presented with the Hot Cat Jazz Band

PanisAngelicus – Ceasar Franck

Work for Us to Do – Mark Miller

You Are the Song – Craig Courtney – Presented with the Streetlight Shakers