Funeral and Memorial Services

Our Services

Organist and Musical Support 

It is the responsibility of the pastor providing the funeral or memorial service to arrange for the organist. Arrangements for special music, such as a soloist or additional instrumentalists, are the responsibility of the family, in coordination with the church Director of  Worship Arts. 


It is not a general practice for First Church to provide receptions following  funeral or memorial services, but the officiating pastor may choose to extend this service as circumstances warrant.  It is the responsibility of the family to make arrangements for a reception, including the hiring of a caterer.


All checks are to be generated and distributed by the funeral home entrusted with final arrangements, when applicable. The family is responsible for reimbursing the funeral home directly for all fees incurred.

To see the list of gratuities for church services, CLICK HERE.

Memorial Garden 

Purpose: To provide a designated portion of church property as a planned garden of beauty, dignity, and meditation, for the use of church members and their families, regardless of their faith, and for the caring disposition of the cremated remains of loved ones. Please ask the Pastor for more information.


Senior Pastor  – Rev. Jane Willan

Director of  Worship Arts – Mr. James Boratko 

Office Staff – Sarah Kopp, Linda Clark,  Office Managers

Sexton Support – A Sexton is present at all  Funeral and Memorial Services.