Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor


Tidings April 2020 Issue

Hello! This is my story.

I was baptized as an infant at Asylum Hill Church, but moved soon thereafter and came of age here at First Church where I was confirmed, stayed active as a young adult, and met and married Andy here. Speaking of my wedding, my twin Amy may like to forget the puffy-sleeved, peach maid-of-honor dress I “made” her wear, but hey, it was the 8Os! Both children (Lindsay and Nate) were baptized here, and graciously, the senior pastor at the time allowed my father-in-law Ken to perform the baptisms.

Back in the 8Os, Andy’s mom JoAnne was the church school director, and my mom Jean was a faithful choir member, and a loyal volunteer in the JPW Library when it first opened. My dad George was an usher, as well as the Building and Grounds chairperson for a long stretch. Did you know he and I made the “Quiet, Chapel in Service” sign together? I smile and give a little nod to my dad whenever I see that. Needless to say, First Church has an important place in my heart! These simple, yet sweet, memories may not be particularly interesting to anyone else, but they illustrate how intwined my family and my church family are. I cherish that my actual family has been on this journey with me, and I am so grateful for my extended family of church friends.

I give because I love First Church and I get so much out of it. Very recently, I converted to online giving and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. It’s really nice to not worry about my weekly donation being made right on time! I can’t really imagine not being active and part of this community. In gratitude, Joy Brigham Taylor.